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pilot training
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SAA letalska šola

SAA Aeronautical Academy – Passion for Knowledge

SAA approved training organization is located in Slovenia, European Union.

Combined experience of our personnel is spanning through all continents of the world, all types of operations and all levels of aviation training (from PPL to type rating, instructor and examiner training).

Our key personnel are actively flying as instructors and examiners on commercial airplanes. That’s why we are able to focus on key areas of aviation training that represent today’s challenges of line flying, such as:

• Manual handling skills balanced by appropriate use of automation;
• Proficiency in basic instrument flying;
• Upset and prevention recovery training integrated in all levels of training (from PPL to type rating training), and
• Non-technical skills (NOTECHs) and training for resilience.

That’s why our trainees have 100% pass rate at airline interviews.

flight school
Ab Initio Integrated ATP Course

Our integrated course will take you from zero to A320 First Officer with 500 hours on type.

A320 Standard Type Rating Course (does not include MCC training)

A320 Standard Type Rating Course with MCC

Short Courses

Private Pilot Course

Flight Instructor Course

Instrument Rating Instructor Course

PBN Training Course

SAA launches

Pilot Training Program for Indian Students

Location – Slovenia

We are proud to launch a brand new ab-initio training program specially designed to meet the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and Indian air carrier’s requirements.

SAA aims to bridge the gap between aspiring commercial pilots and airlines; improve employment opportunities for the pilots whilst offering significant risk reduction and quality guarantees to the recruiting airlines.

pilot training

1. Course duration: We at SAA have one of the shortest completions times the industry worldwide and so reducing your training time and cost.

2. Aircraft: We have reliable, modern glass cockpit equipped and always operational Piper and Cessna Aircraft.

3. Instructors: We have a high standard of experienced professional Instructors.

4. School management: SAA is fully owned and managed by active Airline pilots.

5. Correct License Authority: With EASA license you can apply for jobs in Europe, Africa to Asia and everything in between.

6. Additional training: At SAA we have a policy that we do not charge if some additional training is required.

7. Training Airport: We at SAA operate out of an airport that has Air traffic control, Nav aids, Nighttime availability but is not being used by any scheduled commercial traffic.

No jobs comes even close to the interesting and fun environment that Airline pilots have the opportunity to work in. It is the best office in the world with a constant wonderful view.

No two duty days will be the same. You will fly and work with many interesting and fun people from all walks of life. You will become a part of a big international aviation family.

Whether you fly domestic, international, long haul or short haul flight you will experience travel, landscapes and cultures during all your career. It is a profession that opens your world and your mind.

Your career will progress from Cadet to First Officer and then to Captain and to Instructor or Management position. Its a rewarding and lucrative career with numerous possibilities trough out your professional life.

Slovenia is the pearl of Europe

Our pilots will get new knowledge and learn new skills in a beautiful country. Perfect Mediterranean weather with over 300 flying days per year.

Slovenia is a pearl, hidden in the heart of Europe. It’s close to Italy, Croatia and Austria. A small country that has everything: the beauty of the mountains, the mystery of endless forests and lakes, the romance of the sea and seaside towns, friendly people and unforgettable adventures.

Because everything is really close, our pilots will be able to experience Slovenia and its neighbors in all beauty.

Slovenian city: Piran

President and CEO

Captain Blaz Berdnik

With 22 years of experience in the field of aviation, Captain Berdnik is an active Airline Captain, Airbus Instructor and, EASA Pilot Examiner.

Vice President Business Development

Mr. Aleksander Vozel, MSc

Mr. Aleksander Vozel is an experienced risk manager and financial manager having extensive experience across a variety of industries.

Vice President of Technical and Simulation

Mr. John R. Smith

An extremely experienced Flight Simulation and Training professional with extensive knowledge and skills in management and staff leadership.

Vice President of Operations

Captain Jaro Koritnik

Captain Jaro Koritnik is an aviation professional with more than 10 years of experience in training and safety.

Vice President Compliance

Mr. Matej Balazic MSc

Mr Matej Balazic has been actively working in the field of aviation, space industry, and advanced manufacturing for more than 15 years.

Vice President Training Development

Mrs. Mojca Berdnik

With extensive experience in Training Organization management, Mrs. Mojca Berdnik specializes in aviation-related training program development for classroom-based and/or on-line training applications.


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