Dear aviation enthusiasts and professionals,

Welcome to our web page. We at SAA Aeronautical Academy have devoted our entire careers in offering and developing high standard professional pilot training.

The combined knowledge and experience of our team is simply amazing. Airbus 330/350 Instructors, Airbus A320 Instructors, Airline Captains, highly skilled and Experienced Flight Instructors, Instrument Rating Instructors, active Military pilots, University professors and other aviation and naval experts are forming a formidable team.

Thousands of teaching and flight hours, millions of miles flown worldwide.

SAA Aeronautical Academy team will take you from Zero experience all the way to the cockpit of a commercial jet in the fastest time possible.

SAA Aeronautical academy is owned and run by experienced airline instructors and industry professionals.

We know what will accelerate your career and what steps to take to get results. SAA stands for high standard, time efficient and cost-efficient flight training.

Being actively involved in day to day training needs of the airline industry gives us an in-depth view of present and future requirements, latest trends and standards in Airline operations and Flight training. With this we can deliver job placement on big commercial jets that most other schools are just promising.

Choose SAA Aeronautical Academy for your Professional, Advanced, UPRT or Airbus type related training.

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Captain Blaz Berdnik, TRE

Head of Training

SAA Aeronautical Academy

Captain Blaz Berdnik, TRE is an Airline Captain, Airbus Instructor and EASA Pilot Examiner. He has over 12.000 hours in Commercial Air transportation with most of them as Airbus Airline Instructor of ab-initio and low time pilots. His flight experience spans over a range of aircraft from King Air to Airbus commercial airliners. He has significant operational experience in Europe, Africa and Asia. Captain Berdnik holds or has held Airline Management positions as Director of Flight Operations, Training Director, Head of training of EASA Approved Training Organizations, Director of Flight Operation Standards and Airline Certified Auditor.