Cookie Policy

This policy explains what cookies are, how we use them and how you can switch them off.

What are Cookies and other tracking technologies?

Cookies are small files which are stored on your internet browsing device (e.g computer, tablet or phone) when you visit one of our websites, use our app or see one of our adverts elsewhere on the internet. Cookies don’t store personal details such as your credit card details, your name or your date of birth. They play an important role in helping us to enhance the usability and performance of our websites and your experience using them. Some cookies are also essential to enable you to move around our Website and use its features. Other tracking technologies, like web beacons, clear GIFs, page tags and web bugs, are used to understand how people are using our services and to target advertising.

When you first use our Website, we will ask you to consent to our use of cookies and give you information about them. If you continue to browse our Website, and don’t take steps to change your preferences, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

What types of Cookies do we use?

Our Website uses session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies operate from the moment you enter the Website until the moment you leave. Once you log off session cookies are deleted. Persistent cookies will not be deleted after each session.

Google Analytics Cookies collect anonymous data about visitors. We use the data to improve your future experience and identify issues that our users may be experiencing.

Disabling Cookies

Cookies can be removed from the browser in two ways:

  • You can remove them from the browser manually:
  • They are removed automatically after their service life expires.

Cookies can be completely deleted or disabled with your browser settings. The instructions are located in the “Help” section in the browser you are using. If you completely disable cookies, certain functions on your website might not run properly.

Cookies list

_ga2 yearsGoogle analytics cookie. Used to distinguish users.
_gat1 minuteGoogle analytics cookie. Used to throttle request rate.
_gid24 hoursGoogle analytics cookie.  Used to distinguish users.
viewed_cookie_policypersistent1 yearThe viewed_cookie_policy cookie is set to “yes” when the Cookie law info bar has been viewed and accepted.