Why Slovenia has the best location for a Flight School?

  • We have excellent geographical position (immediate proximity to Croatia, Italy and Austria).
  • Perfect Mediterranean weather with over 300 flying days per year.
  • Most of the basic Training exercises will be conducted at an airport with full facilities and Air Traffic Control Service but with no scheduled commercial airline traffic. Our students pilots will be able to use all their training block time for actual flying and not for waiting on other traffic on the ground or holding in the air.
  • We guarantee to maximize training efficiency and produce excellent training results.
  • Beautiful nature from sea to mountains.
  • Hospitable people and excellent culinary offer.
  • One of the safest countries in the world.

Slovenia is the pearl of Europe

SAA pilot trainees will get new knowledge and learn new skills in a beautiful country. Perfect Mediterranean weather with over 300 flying days per year.

Slovenia is a pearl, hidden in the heart of Europe. It’s close to Italy, Croatia and Austria. A small country that has everything: the beauty of the mountains, the mystery of endless forests and lakes, the romance of the sea and seaside towns, friendly people and unforgettable adventures.

Because everything is really close, SAA student pilots will be able to experience Slovenia and its neighbors in all its beauty.


Small, but varied

We believe that our pilots will be impressed by the diversity of the landscape.

Cross country training flights with amazing scenery, beautiful Adriatic coast with thousands of islands from Trieste to Venice and from Portorož to Dubrovnik.

Slovenia and its neighbours will fascinate you from the air, but you must experience it. Feel the nature, people’s hospitality and experience an extraordinary culinaric stories.

We promise to our trainees that this are the memories that they will take with them as hidden treasures to last a lifetime.


Piran and Piran saltpans

In the vicinity of Portorož is a nature reserve and picturesque view of the Piran saltpans. While training and studying our trainees will be able to experience peace and magnificent beauty of the landscape.

When they want to discover the secrets of old seaside resorts, Piran will provide with picturesque sunsets, rich cultural heritage and an exceptional gastronomic offer.

Slovenian city: Piran


When SAA student pilots want to relax, Portorož  is the right answer. A city that lives day and night.

The necessary relaxation in all aspects: wellness, cuisine, interesting architecture, relaxing entertainment.

View of Portoroz town, Slovenia.

Lipica Stud Farm

Lipica is magical in its natural beauty and richness of story. There SAA pilot trainees will find a “journey into history” and a range of emotions, written by the story of the relationship of a white Lipizzan horse with a man.

This is an outstanding story of love, pride and beauty. A visit to the nearby Park of the Scots Caves (which belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Site) will make a perfect day.

Postojna Caves

Half an hour’s drive is a ticket to a completely different world. Our pilots must experience Slovenia at its depths.

These are the mysterious, breath-taking Postojna Caves. You will go down into the underworld and discover really unusual creations of nature.

Croatian Istria

When SAA pilot trainees want to discover the neighboring countries, Croatian Istria is on their palm.

Poreč has an extremely rich cultural heritage and our pilots will be surely impressed with its picturesque streets and architectural monuments.


For the special experience, we will take a trip to Venice with a catamaran from Portorož. You’ll fall in love with city on the water and you will definitely want to come back.

The beginning of the city goes back to the 5th century B.C., that’s the reason of the inexhaustible wealth of cultural heritage which you can see at every step.