Airbus A320
Airbus A320

Ab Initio Integrated ATP Course

Become an Airline pilot with our integrated course, which will take you from zero to A320 First Officer with 500 hours on type. Highlights of the course:

1. One of the shortest course completion times in the industry: 16 months from zero to A320 type rating;
2. 500h of A320 line training with our partner airlines;
3. Competitive price, EASA training environment and standards;
4. Candidates will obtain unrestricted EASA ATPL frozen licence accepted worldwide;
5. Instructors with vast experience in all sectors of the airline industry;
6. Transportation provided;
Airbus A320 training

Course Timeline

Graduates of this program will receive full unrestricted EASA ATPL(A) frozen license with an A320 type rating and 500 hours on type.

Total training duration:

Ab-initio Training Overview: from zero to ATPL

Total ab-initio training duration approx. 14 months:

Ab-initio Training Summary per Phase: from zero to ATPL

Summary per phase of training:

  • 775 hours of ground instruction;
  • 150 hours of flight training on the airplane (Cessna, Piper and Utva airplanes);
  • 55 hours of simulator training (FNPT II).
training overview

Type Rating Training Overview: A320

Type rating training:

  • Duration approx. 1 month;
  • Includes UPRT and PBN;
  • 40 hours of MFTD/APT;
  • 40 hours of FFS;
  • Base training: 6 landings on actual A320 airplane.
pilot shool
SAA Flight Experience
SAA Flight Experience

Minimum Entry Requirements

The SAA A320 Career pilot program has the following minimum pre-entry requirements:

  • Cadets will be assessed on individual case by case basis.
  • Reasonable knowledge of English language (basic communication, reading and understanding).
    *SAA will assist with English language course if required at some extra cost per cadet at the beginning of the curriculum.
  • NO credit for previous experience will be given and it is NOT possible to join at an intermediate stage of the program.
    *If you hold an EASA or ICAO PPL some items can be credited on case by case basis.
  • High School degree or equivalent.
  • Ability to obtain an EU Schengen Visa (SAA will sponsor the cadet when proof of funds is received).
  • Ability to pass EASA 1st Class Medical at the EASA SAA Medical Examiner.
  • A NON criminal record issued from there country of residence or nationality.
  • Good personal attitude and ability to follow rules and regulations of the SAA Academy as per official Code of Conduct.
  • A Full time residential study commitment by the cadet. This is a professional pilot course commitment with a very busy curriculum. So you will not be able to work or study other subjects (university studies or simmilar) until you graduate SAA Course.
pilot shool
SAA Flight Experience

Airbus A320 Type Rating Course

SAA Training for Proficiency

You will be trained by active airline pilots who have thousands of hours of experience on the Airbus fly-by-wire fleet across the globe. The training will focus on knowledge, skills and attitudes to develop required competencies and address the following:

  • Manual handling skills balanced by the appropriate use of automation;
  • Proficiency in basic instrument flying;
  • Type specific upset prevention and recovery training;
  • Non-technical skills (NOTECHs) and training for resilience.

We will give you the highest amount of training on the Full Flight Simulator (FFS) and the highest amount of classroom lectures. That’s a guarantee.

A320 line training

First Officer Minimum Entry Requirements

  • Valid ATPL or valid CPL and have passed the ATPL theoretical knowledge examinations in accordance with Part-FCL.
  • Valid IR/ME.
  • MCC certificate (Note).
  • ICAO ELP level 4 or higher.
  • Flight time:
  • 70 hours as Pilot in Command on aeroplanes.
  • Advanced UPRT course certificate (when required by licensing authority).

Note: In case the student does not have an EASA MCC certificate then he/she must follow Airbus A320 Type Rating Course with MCC.

A320 line training

A320 Standard Type Rating Course (does not include MCC Training)

Type rating training includes:

  • Type specific upset prevention and recovery training;
  • Performance based navigation training;
  • 40 hours of classroom lectures with instructor;
  • 48 hours of full flight simulator training including skill test;
  • Base training – 6 landings on actual airplane.
Airbus type rating without MCC

A320 Standard Type Rating Course with MCC

Type rating training includes:

  • Multi-crew cooperation training;
  • Type specific upset prevention and recovery training;
  • Performance based navigation training;
  • 60 hours of classroom lectures with instructor;
  • 60 hours of full flight simulator training including skill test;
  • Base training – 6 landings on actual airplane.
Airbus type rating WITH MCC

Additional Short Courses

Private Pilot Course

Beside our excellent Airbus A320 Career Airline Transport Pilot Course we at SAA are proud to offer some specific ‘stand-alone’ Short Training Courses.

One of them is our EASA Private Pilot License course. If you want to become one of us and share with us the thrills and passion of powered flight we will be happy to take you there. Up in the sky. Join us and discover why so many people enjoy this wonderful experience. Become a Private Pilot and enjoy the freedom of open skies.

SAA PPL course is designed in accordance with the latest highest standards and requirements and it includes all theoretical and practical training, as prescribed by the worlds highest standards Aviation authority-EASA. It includes PBN and Upset recovery training giving you complete training syllabus in order to Safely and Efficiently exercise the privileges of Private Pilot License in the Europen Union and Worldwide.

pilot shool
pilot shool

Flight Instructor Course

Our second stand-alone course, representing high training values and standards of SAA Academy, is our EASA approved Flight Instructor course.

With abundance of theoretical studies as well as practical training in real life scenarios we are proud to offer this excellent and very demanding training course. Flight Instructors are the backbone of the industry and are the most important link between the student and his goal of becoming a well trained professional or private pilot. They represent the art of conveying the knowledge of previous generations, constantly changing regulations as well as new technologies to the future generation of professionals.


The course demands determination, commitment and discipline. Our top instructors with thousands of flight hours of teaching will take you to a higher level and enable you to understand all aspects of teaching . Technical and non-technical aspects of aviation training.

After the course you can apply to join our team and become a full time or part time Flight Instructor at the SAA Academy.

pilot shool
pilot shool

Instrument Rating Instructor Course

Our third Stand alone short course is focused on the Instrument flight. Are you an experienced Flight Instructor that would like to advance his career into teaching under Instrument Flight rules? Are you an experienced airline pilot with hundreds of hours under IFR operations and would like to instruct our students on our SAA simulator? If the answer is yes then this is the course for you.

In a short but intense training you will be able to achive this goal. Join us for our EASA approved IRI(A) course and improve your Flight Instructor career or expand your professional pilot options with other career options and opportunities.

After successful graduation you can apply to join SAA Academy as a full time or part time Instrument Rating Instructor.

Saa flight experience
pilot shool
pilot shool

PBN Training Course

Learn how to fly RNAV approaches and more with
SAA PBN training on Piper Arrow!

The training includes theoretical training and 2 hours of flight training on Piper Arrow.

The training course was designed by Cpt. Blaz and Cpt. Jaro to pass the knowledge of airline PBN operations to IR-SE holders and future airline pilots.

Contact us for more information and pricing:

Note: PBN endorsement is mandated by EASA by 25.8.2020 otherwise your existing IR rating will not be valid anymore.



SAA has a valid EASA / CAA SLOVENIA certificate number SI.ATO.037.

1. Reliable and durable Piper-38 Tomahawk Aircraft for VFR initial training.

2. Retractable gear, Constant pitch Propeller Piper 28 Arrow IV (full EFIS) for all IFR and CPL training.

3. Diamond Da-42 / Garmin 1000 for Multi engine training.

4. Airbus A320 aircraft for type-related base training.

1. Diamond DA-42 Simulator

2. ELITE FNTP II MCC ME/IR generic/King Air200 Turbine

3. A320 FFS (Level D full-flight simulator)

Last week of January, last week of April, the first week of September, the first week of November of each calendar year.

Skype or interview by the HR team to establish the level and understanding of English with basic personal questions about why they decided to become pilots and their career goals, proof of high school diploma or higher and general career advice discussion. Please prepare questions in advance.

SAA will not refund the 6000,00 EUR application fee, the rest of the tuition is fully refundable based on pro-rata deduction of flight hours and ground training already used by the time of the training cancellation date, with some minor administrative fees.

SAA is focused on international students and has at any time 70- 80% of international students and some 20-30% local or EU students.

SAA training process is ongoing (365 days 24/7) with no slow periods. The only exception is Christmas and New Year’s period where the school is closed from 24th to 26th  of December and 31st December to 02nd of January each year. We are open to all other national holidays. With over 330 flying days per year, we don’t have any slow periods or low season of training.

SAA is offering a detailed Training Contract and a mandatory Code of Conduct that has to be signed by both parties before the actual training starting date.

Snacks like cookies, water, soft drinks, coffee, and tea always available at premises, affordable lunch packages and other food options are available within walking distance from the Academy at 3-5 EUR/ meal.

SAA is a multi-cultural environment with students from the EU, Asia, and Africa. We have a strictly English language only and respect all races, religions and nationalities policy. There is Zero tolerance for racism or rudeness with available student feedback forms and airline-style confidential reporting system in place.

SAA has an on-site English support program for students that would like to improve their English proficiency to a higher standard. All our instructors have a high standard of English proficiency with min ICAO ELP level 5.

1. Some travel expenses associated with Visa interview and TRP issues, depending on the county of origin and place of residence.

2. EU Medical Insurance for all Students at the full cover for 300 EUR per year.

3. EASA First Class medical check initial at 300 EUR and recurrent at 180 EUR per year.

4. A laptop computer is mandatory and can be either provided to the student at SAA or they can bring it with them from home.

a) All our ATPL ground school instructors (14 subjects as per EASA) are airline pilots or university professors with the highest standards of teaching.

b) All our full-time Flight Instructors are career FIs with multi-national experience and minimum 1000 hours of instructing in their respected field of expertise VFR/IFR/ME, A320, etc. (SAA minimum)

c) Part-time FIs (we use some for IR and A320 phases of training ) are all active or retired airline pilots (maximum age at SAA is 65 years) with thousands for hours of airline experience.

All SAA Instructors have a valid EASA 1st class medical and a valid and current EASA ATPL license. They are checked every 6 months for proficiency as per SAA standards.
SAA operates in Southern Europe in a mild Mediterranean climate (with stable weather and mild winters) and with all year round suitable training weather. We can offer 330+ flying days per year.


SAA ATP professional Pilot Program includes ATPL theory ground school, Single-Engine VFR and IFR phase, Commercial pilot Phase with UPRT training, Multi-Engine and Multi-Engine IFR phase and MCC phase on Airbus A320 Full Flight Simulator. All IFR training conducted on PA28R EFIS Equipped Complex (retractable gear aircraft) to achieve the airline standard training level.

Please contact us for an up-to-date quote of your training today. If you are an Airline or a Broker please advise the size of the group that requires training and proposed starting dates.

Yes. SAA will give you credit for the PPL course and will deduct that from your total tuition for ATP Professional pilot training so you can continue into the IR phase of the ATP integrated course.

10.900,00 EUR (VAT included) for EASA PPL Syllabus with all costs included. Duration is 2-3 months.

This is only available as part of the ATP Professional pilot program. SAA does not provide modular courses.

This is only available as part of ATP The professional pilot program. SAA does not provide modular courses.

This is only available as part of ATP The professional pilot program. SAA does not provide modular courses.

Beneficiary: SAA, Letalska Akademija d.o.o.

Address: Trg Svobode 20, Trbovlje, SI- 1420,
Slovenia, EU

Beneficiary’s account IBAN:
SI56 0510 0801 4794 335

Beneficiary’s bank: ABANKA d.d., Slovenska
58, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU


SAA does not lease out our training aircraft for private flights.

SAA Ground school is only available during EASA or other approved Authority training program from our Training manual.
SAA Flight Instructors or Examiners are only available during EASA or other Authority approved training program.
SAA does not lease out our training simulators for private sessions or individual training. Simulators are only available to our Professional ATP enrolled students or Type related training on Airbus A320.
Zero VAT is applicable for Professional Pilot Training in Slovenia.

PPL only: PPL being a non-professional course this course is subject to VAT 20% and is included in the price.

Money Transfer via bank, Cash payments accepted on-site with SAA prior arrangement and approval.

In most cases, the Professional Training program can be paid in 4 Installments. Please contact SAA directly for details of your tuition payment.

NO hidden charges and NO additional training charges for 1st unsuccessful attempt at a progress check or skill test (that is SAA guarantee).
Tuition includes everything including uniform and training aids like plotters, headset and pilot bag, and some other items. We go out of our way to make sure we don’t have any hidden charges or surprises.

Course and Training

a) SAA ATP Professional course has a minimum duration of 15 months. Most students complete the course within 15-18 months.
Some 10% of the students will complete the course within 18-20 months with max. 1-5% of students within 24 months. The legal requirement to complete the ATP integrated course is 36 months. SAA has excellent course completion times and rates up to this day.

b) PPL course 2-3 months.

SAA has unlimited attempts for internal exams at SAA (85% pass rate) and 6 attempts (sittings) at the EASA ATPL Examination (75% pass rate at each subject). SAA will provide extra training hrs and/or tutor system support to our students that need more training to make sure they meet the required standards at NO extra cost.
All study material is soft copy and available via CBT BGS ground school and/or on-line SAA library via our Roland students support system. Some internal materials related to the aircraft (POH) or other manuals can be in soft or hard copy. Full hard copy ATP material (14 subjects books and binders) is available at SAA library with actual books and binders for each subject.
SAA courses are included in the EASA approved Training manual (TM) that will specify training in the greatest details as per EASA regulations.
SAA Examiners are not allowed to be involved in the training process of the candidate on the exam. SAA has internal examiners (SAA management pilots: Chief Flight Instructor, Head of Training, Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor) and external examiners (EASA Examiners and Inspectors).
There are NO waiting times for examiners and examinations at SAA.


a) Signed contract by both parties and signed code of conduct document;

b) Paid Invoice for the non-refundable application fee (provided by SAA);

c) Invitation letter (provided by SAA);

d) Proof of accommodation letter (provided by SAA);

e) Proof of Health Insurance (provided by SAA) and paid by the candidate in advance (300,00 EUR);

f) Non-criminal record not older than 30 days (provided by the student in the English language);

g) Proof of funds for living expenses – bank statement for min 5000,00 EUR on the actual account in candidates name translated in English (provided by the student).

EU Schengen Student Visa issued by the Republic of Slovenia Embassy – After a year this visa can be renewed or a Temporary residence permit for the Republic of Slovenia issued (issued on a case by case basis). Both options are available to SAA students. This is applicable even if the
students already have a valid Visa issued by any other EU member states.
Full fast track Visa support by SAA staff with usual approval times of 10-20 working days and one Embassy visit.
Until they are enrolled in SAA training the students will be provided a valid Temporary residence permit for students or Schengen Visa depending on case to case basis. 36 months completion time limitation is applicable to the EASA Professional ATP training course.

Accommodation / Transportation

SAA will provide full accommodation support from day one with the following options:

1. One bedroom single occupancy;

2. One bedroom double occupancy;

3. Two bedrooms single or double occupancy:

4. Three bedrooms for three students (on request).

All accommodation is walking distance (5-10 min) from the Academy and includes all modern equipment and high-speed 4G internet.

In most cases, you can budget from 250-400 EUR/month for based on your choice of accommodation plus 30-60 EUR for expenses.

With Portoroz being a resort holiday destination there are various hotels, B&Bs, and other accommodation available from 50-500,00 EUR/night or more at the most prestigious hotel’s 5-star hotels.

Apartment rent: If via agent usually a one-month rental fee for the agent. One month security deposit in advance, cleaning not included, bed linen not included (usually about 50 EUR per person – one time only). Utility expenses usually around 30-60 EUR/month/person (including water, electricity, 4G high-speed internet, garbage, etc.).
Money transfer or bank payment at the counter, cash or bank payment at the counter for expenses. Depending on the agreement with the owner.

1. Most of the accommodation is at the beachfront locations the same as SAA, so its walking distance to the Academy. (max 10-15 min, most of the time just a few minutes). Cadets usually have a bicycle or a scooter for local transportation. Some students have a used car. International drivers license should be available in case of the routine police traffic stop. Local public transportation (bus service) is available for SAA students at a rate of 9 EUR per month for unlimited travel.

2. SAA has a Company Crew bus service accommodating 8 students, and it’s available 24/7. This Crew bus will drive the students to and from the airport during their Flight Lessons (5 min drive depending on traffic), pick up upon arrival/departure to Slovenia. Prior notice is required for the use of a Crew bus for private travel.

Students transportation is provided for duty travel and pick up is at the academy, other pick up places can be arranged based on case to case bases and agreement. SAA will support all transportation during training or duty travel free of charge and can provide certain pickup places during those times. Instructors and students can also arrange their travel arrangements with instructors or student’s private transportation if this suits both parties based on Instructors approval.